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School of Architecture Design and Planning

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Head of School

Nis Ovesen

Nis Ovesen (Head of school)

E-mail: nove@create.aau.dk
Phone: +45 9940 9923

You can address Nis Ovesen concerning:

  • Strategies, planning and operation
  • Accreditation of new programmes
  • Business contact
  • Press contact
  • Approval of thesis
  • Disciplinary proceedings
  • Appeal cases
  • Budgets
  • School cooperation

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Secretary of School

Louise Hjortholm Hartmann

Louise Hjortholm Hartmann

E-mail: lhh@adm.aau.dk
Phone: +45 9940 9956
 You can address Louise Hartmann concerning:
  • Administration of the School of Architecture, Design and Planning
  • Contact to departments
  • Rules and procedures
  • Finances
  • Quality assurance
  • Employees and salary
  • Requisition forms
  • Home page 

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PR and Marketing

Sidse lund østergaard

E-mail: slo@adm.aau.dk
Phone: +45 9940 7185

You can address Sidse Lund Østergaard concerning:

  • Web editor for education websites
  • Communication related to study programmes within engineering and science
  • Special responsibility for study programmes within architecture, design and planning
  • Preparation of information material
  • Planning and coordination of recruitment related activities
  • Internationalisation activities
  • Ad hoc communication work


Heads of study boards

Head of studyboard

Architecture & Design 

Tenna Doktor Olsen Tvedebrink

Tenna Doktor Olsen Tvedebrink 

E-mail: adstudyboard@create.aau.dk (enquiries from students and external parters)

E-mail: tdol@create.aau.dk
Mobile Phone: +45 2944 7002

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Head of studyboard


Kristian Olesen, Studien�vnsformand

Kristian Olesen 

E-mail: sekretariat-pgl-sn@plan.aau.dk (enquiries from students and external partners)

E-mail: kristian@plan.aau.dk
Phone: +45 9940 7211

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Head of studyboard


Tom Børsen, Studienævnsformand

Tom Børsen

E-mail: tbi-sn@plan.aau.dk (enquiries from students and external partners)
E-mail: boersen@plan.aau.dk
Phone: +45  +45 9940 3050View Personal Profile

Secretaries of Study Boards

Secretary of Study Board

Architecture & Design

Sarah Guldhammer, Arkitektur og Design

Sarah guldhammer

E-mail: sgul@create.aau.dk
E-mail: adstudyboard@create.aau.dk (enquiries from students and external parters)
Phone: +45 9940 9126

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Helle Olsen

Helle Vadsholt

E-mail: hobo@create.aau.dk
E-mail: adstudyboard@create.aau.dk (enquiries from students and external parters)
Phone: +45 9956 9913 

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Secretary of Study Board

Planning, Geography & surveying

Allis Hansen

Allis Hansen (secretary in Aalborg)

E-mail: sekretariat-pgl-sn@plan.aau.dk (enquiries from students at Planning, Geography and Surveying programmes and external partners)
E-mail: allis@plan.aau.dk
Phone: +45 9940 7216View personal profile
Line Vittrup Jakobsen

Line Vittrup Jakobsen (Secretary in Aalborg)

E-mail: line@plan.aau.dk
Phone: +45 9940 7204

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Secretary of Study Board


Pernille Jepsen, AAU, Studienævnssekretær

Pernille Jepsen (secretary in Copenhagen)

E-mail: tbi-sn@plan.aau.dk (enquiries from students and external partners)
E-mail: pernillej@plan.aau.dk
Phone: +45 9940 2482

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Janni Rise Frellsen

Janni Rise Frellsen (secretary in Copenhagen)

E-mail: tbi-sn@plan.aau.dk (enquiries from students and external partners)
E-mail: jrl@plan.aau.dk
Phone: +45 9940 2535 

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Functions of the study board secretaries

You can address the secretaries of the study boards concerning:

  • Curricula
  • Student admission
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Exams
  • Credit
  • Exemptions
  • Examination appeals
  • Evaluations
  • Contacts to upper secondary schools
  • Home page
  • Assistance to international students
  • Stays abroad

The study board secretaries are part of the team that solves cross-disciplinary tasks in each school – in close cooperation with both the Chair of the Study Board and Secretary of School (especially regarding resources and legal matters) and with the study secretaries attached to each semester of the study programmes.

Applications and other requests for the study board must be sent to the study board secretary in question.