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Quality Handbook

The School of Architecture, Design and Planning work continually with quality assurance and development of study programmes.

This page and the  subpages provide teachers, the technical administrative staff as well as the students access to – the most important information about how the study programmes are to be managed as well as answers to the most frequently asked questions – including who, what and when.

The descriptions of tasks and procedures are expected to contribute to securing the quality culture by which all study programmes – which from time to time are scrutinised in regards to accreditations – should be characterised.

Download "Beskrivelse af hvordan skolen konkret varetager rollen som kvalitetssikringsaktør" (in Danish only)

Quality Handbook

1.0 Annual Cycle of Quality Assurance

The quality assurance procedures at SADP follow an annual cycle. Semester coordinators, study board secretaries, students, study secretaries and others are responsible for planning, executing and evaluating the semesters at SADP.

Get an overview of the quality assurance procedures ...

The Annual Cycle

2.0 Project work and supervision

for staff and students - find more information on:

project work and supervision

3.0 Semester Teaching

For teaching staff - find more information about planning and conducting course modules as well as teaching via video conference:

Semester Teaching

4.0 Examination

For teaching staff and study board - find more information on:


5.0 Semester Management

For teaching staff - find more information on:

Semester management

6.0 Resources

More information about lectures on the module system, teaching norms (ECTS credits and hours), norms for assessment and reassessment, payment for semester coordination etc.:


7.0 Programme Evaluation

Find the "Teaching and Educational Programme Evaluations" for the bachelor and master programmes at the School of Architecture Design and Planning:

8.0 Self-evaluation of study programmes

Find the self-evaluation of the bachelor and master programmes at the School of Architecture Design and Planning:



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