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4.0 Examination and dispensations


The regulations for enrolment for and conduct of tests can be found in the Examination Policies and Procedures[1]. Furthermore, the study board has certain guidelines for dispensation for a fourth examination attempt.

Guidelines for 4th and 5th attempt dispensation

The study board has issued guidelines, which are followed when considering applications for dispensation for a 4th and 5th examination attempt. This is to clarify that an acceptance of a 4th and 5th examination attempt is only given in specific cases and therefore this opportunity must not automatically be part of the students’ examination considerations.

The guidelines state:

“Students who do not pass the project or course tests by the 2nd attempt are recommended to contact the decentralised study counselor, who will provide help for working out a study plan which aims at passing the examination by the 3rd attempt”.

Only if the students have done this, they can – under normal circumstances – hope for a dispensation for a 4th and 5th examination attempt, if they contrary to expectations do not pass on the 3rd attempt.

However, any dispensation for a 4th attempt must be based on extraordinary circumstances that cause the student to fail his/her 3rd attempt.

Secondary supervisors and consultants

It is the semester coordinator’s task to estimate, in collaboration with the planning committee and the affiliated supervisor corps, if the individual project groups should be connected to a secondary supervisor or consultant; the resources for this are taken from the total supervisor pool and thus the amount of hours for the principal supervisor is reduced.

The difference between the secondary supervisor and the consultant is mainly that the secondary supervisor participates in the examination and therefore is paid a larger number of hours (typically 30 hours) than a consultant, who does not participate in the examination (and who is typically paid 15 hours).

The decision about connecting a secondary supervisor or consultant must be made as part of the staffing schedule and must be described in the semester description.

The consultant must write a minute to the principal supervisor about his/her assessment of the project which has to be used by the principal supervisor at the examination.

External and internal examiners staffing

The study secretary helps the semester coordinator with the task of finding examiners (internal examiners as well as external examiners).

Completion bonus and timely completion of a BSc and MSc programme

It is important to create a situation in which the students are able to finish their studies within the prescribed period of study. Partly in order for the students to demonstrate that they are able to plan the course of studies and finish on time as planned. Partly finances play an important role as the school and the study board receive part of their study income as a so-called bonus which is only paid if the students finish their studies “in due time”.

Basically, a BSc student must finish his/her studies no later than three years and ten months after he/she has started (i.e. at the latest on 30 June of the year in question); and a MSc student must finish his/her studies no later than two years and three months after he/she has started (i.e. at the latest on 30 September of the year in question) – otherwise the school and study board will lose up to 20 % of their income.

Therefore, the students should in every way be encouraged to carry through their studies “on time”; including being encouraged not to do internship for more than one semester (3rd semester) during their Master’s.