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3.0 Semester Teaching

Planning and conduct of course modules

Course modules can be held as lectures with or without exercises, e.g. seminars, workshops etc. – and with more or less involvement of self-study courses and student preparations.

When course module activities are planned it is important to observe three facts at the same time and coordinate these: First, it is important to emphasise the available resources per course module second, it is important to notice the ECTS size of the course module and thus the student workload that is to be planned for the students; and finally the learning goals of the course module, which the students “are called to account for” at the exam, must be taken into account.

Learning goals

The learning goals of the course module as well as the ECTS size are described in the curriculum, while the resources available for the course module – depending on the number of students in the module in question – are described at this website.

To make it easier to keep track of the planned activities, so that learning goals, resources and ECTS size are balanced, the semester coordinator/course coordinator is encouraged to use the table in appendix 7.

1 ECTS credit is equivalent to 30 hours work for students (including preparation and exam); i.e. activities of 150 hours work must be planned in connection with a typical course module of 5 ECTS.

Teaching via video conference

Due to the move to Rendsburggade in August 2017, the faculty, the department and the school has decided that there will be no use of video conference between Aalborg and Copenhagen during the autumn 2017. It is, however, possible to conduct specific seminars and meetings via the video conference system as well as max 10 % of the courses per course module, only if:

  • the teacher has attended the introductory course in the video conference system
  • the teacher has tested the video conference equipment before using it in the course
  • the teather has achieved the appropriate knowledge about where and how to call for assistance in case of technical interruptions and breakdowns